About Us

We are not a large company. Nor are we a mid size company. We are a small company, and that’s what makes us great! 

Our wealth of knowledge combined with a large network in the Victoria tech community give us the advantage of something that we have found missing in a large tech company: personalized service!

We make the time to sit with our clients from the beginning  and see them through to the end of the project and beyond. No question is unanswered, no idea is put to the side. This is your vision after all and we are simply your medium. We offer 100% customer satisfaction and our specialized ‘add on services’ ensure that you are taken care of every step of the way.

Born and bred in the Pacific North West gives us a certain way of looking at life. Nature, community, beautiful aesthetics, are all entwined into our way of doing business. 

Our staff range from web developers,  system administrators, graphic designers, all the way  to client satisfaction representatives.  Personalized care is ingrained in every step of the process. Email us today and we will work with you so you can see your vision become a reality!